Saturday, August 20, 2005

You know what they say of Mt.Fuji in Japan, dont you?. Not the " Land mark of Japan", "The most beautifully shaped Volcano ever", "The symbol of the land of rising Sun","Its everything that Japan represents"..well, these are the good side of the story, but the sayings of the wise and learned goes like this: " You are a fool if you have ever lived in Japan and not climbed Mt. Fuji even once. And you are asinine if you climb it more than once". Well, I didnt understand it that good either hearing it for the first time. But, as shocking as it was, the revelation came to me when I was standing at 5th station to climb the giant. Would I do it again?. HELL NO!. Will explain you a bit more in detail as we got through the pictures.  Posted by Picasa


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