Saturday, August 20, 2005

Well, finally after so much of hardwork I treaded, plodded, pulled myself into the original 8th level(one above 8th level) and a station above I can reach the summit to witness the sunrise. But, I guess it was a race against time as we attempted it, and we couldnt make it to the summit before sunrise, we were pretty close to it though when the sun came up, like 10 min trek to reach the top. As the night skies were courting their way out to the sun god with clear skies the entire population of trekkers stopped, so as not to miss the beauty of rising sun. Sure, it was worth all the hardship we endured to see this sun rise, that first glimpse of sunlight that falls in the land of rising sun. I wish there would be a day when I can post some videos in the blog - coz sunrise is more exhilarating to watch as a motion picture than as a still one. Anyway, until the day comes, here u go!  Posted by Picasa


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