Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Hi there!. I am planning to make this blog too interesting and informative, but in a different kinda way!. I can already see ascending eyebrows querying to me " What other blogs do you have?. " check it out by clicking the " My Complete Profile" link in this page".

So returning back to the topic - I have been to quite a few places around the world, and definitely the exposure and knowledge that the travels and adventures have inculcated in me, is simply marvelous. Wonder if any number of books could have topped it. I am still coming to grips with the ground reality that there are places, I never thought existed in the remote corners of a country, niceties and commonalities in its culture, the depth of love between people, and the epicurist cuisine. To not mention the fact that "inspite of all these differences in culture, language, and such, there is one single thread of commonality that connects all of us, deep inside our hearts and minds", will be missing the forest for woods. This will be more apparent in the blogs am about to post and without fail I will point out such finer details, which make us gape with wonder as to how the jillybillies of asinine fighting and insane killing cud ever be justified. In one simple world - " this world is truly a marvelous place and people are the ingredients that make this world what it is". I am glad that I have an opportunity to learn experience and share the enormous wealth of information from the corners of the world. the more I think about this, the more am excited to write on these.

However, a single rational mind cannot see through all the details, and it is possible that I might overlook certain important aspects when am writing out. The chance is all yours to write or comment and correct me.


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