Saturday, August 20, 2005

An into: The summit of Mt. Fuji is at 3776m above sea level. Yes, thats a height at which oxygem masks in pressurised flights will fall out due to the density of O2 content in atmosphere. Mt. Fuji has erupted 5 times in total and the last recorded one was in the year 1708. It is amazing that for a mountain of this size and capacity it has only caused damages and not fatalities in any of its eruptions. Well, probably living upto the saying that bigger guys are always kind at heart!.. ;-). Fuji-san, as they call it dearly is open for visitors only 2 months in year between July-Aug, for the rest of the season its just not so good idea to climb unless you plan to never see the world again and wanna die in bad conditions. Coz, its mostly snow clad at its peaks and mother nature can be really rough if you attempt to disturb her during her non-summer holidays in Japan. As I climbed the terrain I understood more why it is not an easy task to climb Fuji-san. The terrain was rough and rocky with lots of Volcanic ash and dust and mostly devoid of any greens at most levels.  Posted by Picasa


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