Friday, August 19, 2005

Hanabi in Japan

Hi. for those of you who are new to the concept Hanabi, here is an attempt to define it in a
single word, "FIRE works". That's right! Japan has got the tradition of celebrating festivals for seasonal changes in weather, and HANABI (Fireworks) display is their way fo celebrating summer and clear skies in the land of Volcanoes.

Although there are many places across the land of rising sun(Japan) where this is celebrated, in particular in Tokyo the grandest of all is enjoyed at Asakusa temple. Well, not exactly a place so enjoyable with throngs of people and hardly any breathing space to settle down and watch the wonders of fireworks acros a back drop of clear sky. But, hey, its japan, tell me one place where its not crowded and I bet that its definitely not Japan. Ok, herz a pixz of de Asakusa temple.

This temple is located close to the banks of the sumidagawa river, and need I explain more the exotic view of watching fireworks across a backdrop of night blue skies and above the Sumidagawa river?. I think u get the picture. If not, here are some for your visual treat. Enjoy and feel free to post me any questions or comments that u might have. :-)

For Travellers: Asakusa is accessible from Tokyo station. If u are travelleing from Ueno take the Asakusa line to reach the temple. It has a great shopping street filled with Japanese cultural trivia and a lot more Japanese cuisine to feast on. dont forget to take ur share of the beer and dry towels to dry urself of the sea of sweat u r gonna secrete!

Enjoy these pix. In the mean time lemme try to find a way to upload videos in the blog.


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