Saturday, August 20, 2005

Finally we are here at the summit to witness the big mouthed guy..ya, am talking abt the crater. Its my first experience ever to visit the mouth of a volcano, and god its scary in a kindaa way and yet itl feels great!. I am still engrossed in the wonders of nature. the best artist the world has ever known. Nature crafts its own glory in a peculiar way that none can ever match. Well, I would say everyone should make atleast an attempt to climb fuji-san, for its always a peculiar experience that is beyond comparison. I finally realised that am standing on the thin line of one time climber and not climbing it anymore to become any more stupid. One time is all its good for and it is totally worth it! Doing it any more would be killing the experience and urself!.. ;-) Good luck! Posted by Picasa


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