Saturday, August 20, 2005

Did I mention that even many Japanese dont climb Mt.Fuji, for one reason its easy to sit back and look at its beauty from a distance at sunrise and sunset- provided the weather permits, rather than actually attempt the feat of climbing it. Only a few of the people who attempt to reach the summit, ever make it. No, not saying this because I made it, but some people cannot withstand the terrain and mountain sickness that accompanies it if you climb it at a fast pace to see the sunrise. Yes, you will have to do 6~8 hours of trekking to reach the top, and trust me, its not so good a feeling to do it overnight, so you can watch the beautiul sunrise in the morning(chances are you might not, unless u get lucky!). Fuji-san is divided into 8 level stations, so people can rest and wet lips at different levels as they climb up. Motor assisted transport is available upto the 5th level and its all in ur legs after that. Here is a picture of the 5th level, sure it looks like a paradise to have a sip of coffee and get a view of the mountain before u set foot to climb.  Posted by Picasa


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