Saturday, August 20, 2005

Holy god! Posted by Picasa

Putting your money where ur mouth is good in all other cases, but not here buddy! Posted by Picasa

A close up! Posted by Picasa

Finally we are here at the summit to witness the big mouthed guy..ya, am talking abt the crater. Its my first experience ever to visit the mouth of a volcano, and god its scary in a kindaa way and yet itl feels great!. I am still engrossed in the wonders of nature. the best artist the world has ever known. Nature crafts its own glory in a peculiar way that none can ever match. Well, I would say everyone should make atleast an attempt to climb fuji-san, for its always a peculiar experience that is beyond comparison. I finally realised that am standing on the thin line of one time climber and not climbing it anymore to become any more stupid. One time is all its good for and it is totally worth it! Doing it any more would be killing the experience and urself!.. ;-) Good luck! Posted by Picasa

la..behold this sight till the end of ur life!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa

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Well, finally after so much of hardwork I treaded, plodded, pulled myself into the original 8th level(one above 8th level) and a station above I can reach the summit to witness the sunrise. But, I guess it was a race against time as we attempted it, and we couldnt make it to the summit before sunrise, we were pretty close to it though when the sun came up, like 10 min trek to reach the top. As the night skies were courting their way out to the sun god with clear skies the entire population of trekkers stopped, so as not to miss the beauty of rising sun. Sure, it was worth all the hardship we endured to see this sun rise, that first glimpse of sunlight that falls in the land of rising sun. I wish there would be a day when I can post some videos in the blog - coz sunrise is more exhilarating to watch as a motion picture than as a still one. Anyway, until the day comes, here u go!  Posted by Picasa

Night lights slipping into darkness in a far away land! Posted by Picasa

Ouzaaa!!! a good one at taking pix..yeah thatz me!..  Posted by Picasa

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Lo!. a sight ot behold! Posted by Picasa

Thatz Kawaguchi lake in the background! Posted by Picasa

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Sunset was beginning to set in. Do u see what I see in the clouds?.. Mother Nature is GORGEOUS!. All the pix here are as shot- no special colorations or visual effects have been added to. ;-) Posted by Picasa

Higher levels were kindaa murkier! Posted by Picasa

A winding road mountain pass and beautiful rain clouds that ambulate across the surface of the Kawaguchi prefecture. Posted by Picasa

I am trekking towards the 6th level and it sure does look pretty down there! Thank god for I had no clue of what was coming up next for me, as it was kindaa murky at higher levels due to rain clouds.The sunset came a little later as we reached higher altitudes. Posted by Picasa

The weirdest part about getting prepared for this trip is packing both ur summer and winter clothes, coz as u start climbing you will experience near zero temperatures with headwinds gushing at several kms/hr. I am telling you, if you are not prepared,hmm..chances are u r already descending down. It is a tragedy that many people return half way through the climb only to regret over their failed attempt aggravated by their unpreparedness. Bringing a good amount of food is neccessary as we need to stack up a lot of energy. Beware, public utilities are few and far between, so too much eating or drinking might also have to be restricted. The first 90 minutes and the last 90 minutes are entirely 2 anomalies in the types of terrain the Fuji-san presents to its 30% foreign visitors. It starts as a mud slope to become more of rugged rocks that leave little footing and no bounds to hold u back in case u slip. Disturbing a single rock might get it rolling down to the ground level as a juggernaut. Yes, its that bad!. we started to climb at 5:30pm, and as we went up, we were able to thank the skies for clearing up so we could witness the sunset and some beautiful sceneries of YAMANAKO-lake and KAWAGUCHI-lake. We still had a long way to go, and it was kindaa gettign darker and deeper. I reminded myself of Robert Frost poem: "The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep" Posted by Picasa

Another not so important one! Posted by Picasa

You gotta worship these guys before you proceed with the climb. Sure you need their blessings! ;-) Posted by Picasa

wow!..boy this one looks good! ARMAGEDDON of rain clouds! Posted by Picasa